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Tudor Trivia Quiz

It's that time of week again! Sunday is the day of the week where we exercise the little grey cells with our Tudor quizzes. This week's quiz is a Tudor trivia quiz - good luck!

Tudor Trivia

Q1) How many pairs of spectacles or eye glasses were listed as being the king's in the inventory taken after his death in 1547?





Q2) What was the average height of the crew of the Mary Rose ship?





Q3) Who gave Henry VIII the very strange looking bespectacled horned helmet?

Francis I

Charles V

Maximilian I

James IV

Q4) Which Tudor woman requested the block the night before her execution so that she could practise with it?

Lady Jane Grey

Catherine Howard

Anne Boleyn

Margaret Pole

Q5) Who was described as having been executed by "a ragged and Boocherly miser, whiche very ungodly perfourmed the Office"?

Thomas Cromwell

Mary, Queen of Scots

Thomas More

Margaret Pole

Q6) Who was the first Protestant martyr of Mary I's reign?

Lawrence Saunders

John Hooper

Nicholas Ridley

John Rogers

Q7) In whose reign did Kett's Rebellion take place?

Mary I's

Edward VI's

Henry VII's

Henry VIII's

Q8) Actor Robert Hardy, who died in August 2017, played the part of which Tudor man in the BBC drama "Elizabeth R" which saw Glenda Jackson as Elizabeth I?

William Cecil

Robert Devereux

Robert Dudley

Francis Walsingham

Q9) Who was Lady Jane Grey's maternal grandmother?

Margaret Tudor

Elizabeth Woodville

Margaret Pole

Mary Tudor

Q10) How old was Henry Tudor when he defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth?





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Tudor Trivia Quiz