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Tudor soldiers and military leaders quiz

There were lots of skilled soldiers and military leaders in the reigns of the Tudor monarchs, men who were willing to lead troops and risk their lives for their monarch and country. But how much do you know about the men that led troops to battle and squashed rebellions?

Test yourself in this week's Sunday quiz! Good luck!

Tudor soldiers and military leaders

Q1) The Battle of Bosworth was obviously fought between King Richard III and Henry Tudor, but on which side did John Howard, Duke of Norfolk, fight?



Q2) John Russell, Earl of Bedford, served as Lord Privy Seal and Lord High Admiral in the Tudor period, but in which of these battles was he involved leading troops? Tick all that apply.

Battle of Fenny Bridges

Battle of Woodbury Common

Battle of Clyst St Mary

Battle of Sampford Courtenay

Q3) Which of these Howard men fought at the Battle of Flodden in 1513? Tick all that apply.

Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk

Edmund Howard

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

Q4) Who led the English force at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh in 1547?

Thomas Seymour

John Dudley

Edward Seymour

John Russell

Q5) The Battle of Dussindale ended Kett's Rebellion on 27th August 1549, but which of these men led the Crown troops that day?

Edward Seymour

Thomas Seymour

Henry Howard

John Dudley

Q6) The Battle of Ancrum Moor was fought on 27th February 1545 and was part of the War of the Rough Wooing, but who led the English troops that were defeated by the Scots that day?

Sir Francis Talbot

Sir Brian Layton

John Dudley

Edward Seymour

Q7) This man was rewarded with a barony after his victory at the Battle of Solway Moss in 1542.

John Musgrave

Richard Rich

William Cecil

Thomas Wharton

Q8) Thomas Radclyffe, Earl of Sussex, Edward Fiennes, Baron Clinton and this man were instrumental in putting down the Rising of the North (Northern Rebellion) in 1569 for Queen Elizabeth I.

Charles Neville

Ambrose Dudley

Thomas Percy

Robert Dudley

Q9) The 1487 Battle of Stoke Field saw Crown troops fight against the forces of Francis, Lord Lovell, John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, and Thomas FitzGerald of Laccagh, but which of these men led the Crown forces? Tick all that apply.

Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk

John de Vere, Earl of Oxford

Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford

Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby

Q10) Which of these men distinguished himself in the French campaign of 1513, in the sieges of Therounne and Tournai?

William Compton

Thomas Boleyn

George Boleyn

Charles Brandon

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Tudor soldiers and military leaders quiz