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The King’s Beasts Wordsearch

The King's Beasts are statues of heraldic animals that stand on the bridge over the moat leading to the great gatehouse of Hampton Court Palace. There are ten in all, and they are copies of those carved to celebrate King Henry VIII's marriage to his third wife, Jane Seymour in 1536. They represent the ancestry of Henry and Jane, and are:

  1. The Lion of England
  2. The Seymour Panther
  3. The White Greyhound of Richmond
  4. The Yale of Beaufort
  5. The Tudor Dragon
  6. The Queen's Panther
  7. The Black Bull of Clarence
  8. The Queen's Lion (White Lion of Mortimer)
  9. The Royal Dragon
  10. The Seymour Unicorn

These beasts have inspired our Sunday puzzle today. It's an easy one this week and is perfect for the child in your life, or if you just fancy an easy time of it - it is Sunday after all! Have fun finding these words.

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The King's Beasts wordsearch - click here

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The King’s Beasts Wordsearch