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Tudor Shere – Julian Humphrys

In this week's Friday video, historian Julian Humphrys tells us all about historic Shere, in Surrey, and the people who owned the manor.

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  1. M

    Thanks very much for an interesting video. I appreciate that.
    I have a question… Really just out of curiosity, but I do try and put people together, like where they belong, family wise. Is the Audley that died in 1490 and is buried in the church a relation to the Audley that was Lord Chancellor after Thomas More who worked closely with Cromwell in the 1530’s? Like say, I’m just curious.
    Thanks again! Michelle t

    1. J

      Hi Michelle.
      I’m glad you found the video interesting and thank you for your question. So, the family name of the Lord Audley buried at Shere was actually Touchet. The reason why they were Lords Audley in the 15th cent was that in 1391 Nicholas 4th Lord Audley died without an heir and his estates passed to his sister Joan who was married to an earlier John Touchet. In 1408 the baronage was revived for their descendants. They lost it after James’s involvement in the Cornish Rebellion but in 1512 his son was made Baron Audley of Heleigh.

      Thomas Audley (the Chancellor) was born in Essex and was the son of an administrator. He began his career as a lawyer, became an MP and was later created Baron Audley of Walden.

      So, two separate families. Hope that helps. Julian

      1. M

        Yes, it did! Thank you! Michelle t

  2. R

    Thank you for this lovely historic trip around the village of Shere and its Church through the lives of those who owned land there and their importance during the Wars of the Roses and the rise of the Tudors. They didn’t actually need a full blown civil war, the personal wars were bad enough.

    1. J

      Thank you! Incidentally it was a skirmish in the village that led to the outbreak of hostilities between Henry III and his barons in the mid 13th century. So – little village, big history!

  3. L

    Just caught up with this little tour of Shere and it’s history and really enjoyed it, thankyou. It looks a lovely place to explore.

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Tudor Shere – Julian Humphrys