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Tudor Royal Badges and Heraldry Quiz

How much do you know about the animals, mythical creatures, objects and symbols used by the Tudors in their badges and heraldry?

Test your knowledge of royal Tudor badges and Tudor heraldry in this week's quiz. Good luck!


#1. Which crowned bird featured in Anne Boleyn's royal badge?

#2. Henry VII used a golden .......... from his mother Lady Margaret Beaufort's family

#3. Catherine of Aragon used this as her badge

#4. Elizabeth I made use of this mythical creature in her heraldry

#5. Henry VII and Henry VIII used the .............. of Cadwaladr

#6. This breed of dog, the ............. of Richmond, was used by Henry VII, Henry VIII and Edward VI in their heraldry.

#7. This animal was used in Anne Boleyn's heraldry and came from her mother's Brotherton ancestors.

#8. The Seymour ........... was granted to Queen Jane Seymour as her royal beast

#9. This animal, which represents England's courage, dignity, strength and pride, has been used as a royal beast in heraldry since the 12th century and is still used in the royal arms today.

#10. True or false: Henry VIII used the Yale, a mythical beast connected to the House of Beaufort and linked to the dukedom of Somerset, in his display of royal beasts at Hampton Court Palace.

#11. The Black ........ of Clarence was used by the House of York and Henry VIII displayed it at Hampton Court Palace.


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Tudor Royal Badges and Heraldry Quiz