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Tudor Men’s Clothes Quiz

A nice easy quiz for those of you who have watched the video about the clothes worn by men in the Tudor period. Have fun!

Tudor men's clothes

Q1) What were the medieval version of boxer shorts/underpants called?





Q2) What did Henry VIII keep in his codpiece?

Love letters

Medicinal herbs

Nothing but stuffing


Q3) The doublet had two functions - it provided warmth but it also....

Showed a man's status

Gave protection under armour

Added width to the man's shoulders

Held up the man's hose

Q4) A popular hat for men in the Tudor era was...

The French hood

The flat cap

The tricorne

The Bycoket

Q5) Why did knitted hats become popular in Elizabeth I's reign?

Due to a law passed to protect the wool trade

England was in the Little Ice Age

They were cheap

Elizabeth I's favourite Robert Dudley wore them and made them fashionable

Q6) What was a jerkin?

A nightshirt

Upper hose puffed in an onion shape

A cape

A jacket that was often sleeveless and skirted

Q7) What was another name for the lower hose?



Nether hose


Q8) What was Henry VIII's favourite colour for flat caps?




Dark Green

Q9) How did the codpiece attach to the hose?

With buttons

With laces

It was stitched

Q10) Male Tudor courtiers wore thigh high boots.



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  1. L

    I should have thought Our “enry’s doublet served the perpose of keeping his fat guts from flopping about on the floor. I mean it was bad enough him having to drag his stinking leg about, but it would have been damn near impossible to drag his guts along as well. LOL

  2. M

    I look so forward to the quizzes! Thank you!

  3. D

    9/10 🙂
    Love the quizzes!

  4. B

    The chats on Tudor clothing have been wonderful! I did much better on the men’s clothing quiz than the women’s. Ladies certainly wore an astounding amount of separate pieces and they are quite confusing to remember! I scored 9/10 on this quiz. Looking forward to the chat on Tudor children’s clothing. Thank you, Claire, for your weekly chats!!

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Tudor Men’s Clothes Quiz