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Tudor inventors and inventions quiz

How much do you know about the inventors and inventions of the Tudor period?

Grab your favourite snack and beverage, make yourself comfortable, and test yourself with this week's Sunday quiz!

Afterwards, why not watch our Claire Chats video on Tudor inventions - here.

Tudor inventors and inventions

Q1) Physician and clergyman Timothy Bright invented what in his 1588 work "Characterie...."?

The flush toilet

Modern shorthand

The "equals" sign

The division sign

Q2) This man invented England's first flush toilet called the Ajax and wrote about it in his "A New Discourse upon a Stale Subject: The Metamorphosis of Ajax" (1596).

Thomas Crapper

John Harington

Walter Ralegh

William Oughtred

Q3) Which of the following did mathematician William Oughtred invent or develop? Tick all that apply.

The "=" sign"

The "x" symbol for multiplication

The abbreviations "sin" and "cos" for sine and cosine functions

The "%" symbol

Q4) This "Father of modern philosophy" was born in 1596 and is known for his dictum “I think, therefore I am".

René Descartes

John Dee

William Baldwin

Edward Kelley

Q5) Which of the following symbols did Robert Recorde introduce?





Q6) In 1571, Robert Dudley gave Elizabeth I this cutting edge item as a New Year gift.

An astrolable

A globe

A carriage clock

A wrist watch

Q7) This machine was invented in 1589 by William Lee, but Elizabeth I refused to give Lee a patent for it.

Knitting machine

Spinning wheel

An adding machine

Steam pump

Q8) What was accidentally invented in 1568 by Dr Alexander Nowell, Dean of St Paul's?

A basic refrigerator

Bottled beer


Blue cheese

Q9) This type of book was first published by printer Richard Pynson in 1500.

A herbal

A gardening handbook

A recipe book

An encyclopaedia

Q10) This printer, who introduced the printing press into England in 1476 with William Caxton, was the first printer to to use Hebrew and Arabic characters in English books (1524), the first to use italic type (1528) and the first to print music using movable type.

Wynkyn de Word

John Rastell

Nicholas Hill

William Rastell

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Tudor inventors and inventions quiz