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Tudor August events quiz

Today is the 1st of September, so the perfect time to test how much you've remembered from my "on this day" videos, articles and talks from August. Let's get those little grey cells working with this fun Sunday quiz. Good luck!

Tudor August events quiz

Q1) Robert Samuel, a former minister who was burned at the stake on 31st August 1555, was one of the ....... Martyrs.





Q2) This woman acted as guardian to Mary Seymour, who was born on 30th August 1548, after her parents, Catherine Parr and Thomas Seymour, died.

Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII

Mary, daughter of Henry VIII

Catherine Brandon (née Willoughby)

Anne Parr

Q3) Who was the Lord Chancellor who was sent to visit Mary (future Mary I) on 28th August 1551, to order her to stop celebrating Mass?

Anthony Wingfield

Thomas Wriothesley

Thomas Audley

Richard Rich

Q4) Protestant martyr Richard Atkins was burned in this city on 2nd August 1581.





Q5) Which of these men led an army against the rebels of the Prayer Book Rebellion in August 1549?

Thomas Seymour

John Dudley

Robert Dudley

John Russell

Q6) Where was Elizabeth I on 9th August 1561 when she sent out a mandate that no women should reside in the precincts of cathedrals or collegiate churches?





Q7) What was the name of Henry VIII's ship that sank at the Battle of Saint-Mathieu on 10th August 1512?

The Regent

The Peter Pomegranate

The Mary Rose

The Grace Dieu

Q8) The friars of this order were expelled from their houses on 11th August 1534.

Friars observant




Q9) Thomas Phaer, who made his will on 12th August 1560, is known for writing the first book on .............




Digestive Health

Q10) Margaret Pole was born on 14th August 1473. Her father was George, Duke of Clarence, but who was her mother?

Anne Neville

Ursula Stafford

Isabel Neville

Anne de Beauchamp

Q11) In whose reign did the Battle of Spurs take place?

Edward VI's

Mary I's

Henry VII's

Henry VIII's

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  1. R

    Where these ladies prostitutes who were residing within the precincts of the Cathedral in Ipswich?

    1. C - Post Author

      No, Elizabeth was aiming her legislation at the wives and daughters of clergymen.

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Tudor August events quiz