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Tudor House Arrest

As many people around the world are in some kind of lockdown at the moment – sorry to remind you! - I thought for this week's Claire Chats that I'd talk about house arrest, something which quite a few people experienced in Tudor times.

If you missed the quiz on Tudor house arrest, you can click here to do it now - good luck!

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    Kathryn Howard was technically under house arrest at Syon House before her few days of imprisonment in the Tower before her execution as was poor Jane Boleyn technically under house arrest being cared for by Lord and Lady Russell at their home, before being moved to the Tower.

    Could we say Princess Mary was under house arrest at the various establishments of her sister Elizabeth because she was banished from Court, banished from her mother and father and being kept there as she refused to submit to the King?

    The astronomer and scientist Galileo was sentenced to house arrest in his own luxury property after his condemnation in Rome. He was given permission to visit his sister and write letters but he was there under arrest for the remainder of his life.

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Tudor House Arrest