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Hot Cross Buns

Let's forget the horrible things that are happening in the world at the moment and talk about some yummy Easter treats - hot cross buns!

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  1. R

    Could not get any this year as I wasn’t going to queue up outside the local Iceland and our bakery closed three weeks ago. The entire population of Mossley Hill decided it was essential shopping at 4p.m on Thursday to suddenly go out and get hot crossed buns and I thought stuff that and instead went to a small shop and got set of four spiced buns, no crosses, but just the same thing. Very nice they were as well. Saw hot crossed buns four weeks ago, not since. People are totally potty. Go to a local shop people, they need support more than Iceland. The buns are just the same, just no crosses.

    Thanks and good luck this Easter. Take care.

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Hot Cross Buns