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Tudor History Quiz – 16 July

It's that time of week again! Time to test your Tudor history knowledge with a fun quiz. Grab your favourite beverage and a snack, and good luck!

Tudor History Quiz - 16 July 2017

Q1) Which of the following men was NOT executed by Henry VIII?

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham

Edmund Dudley

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk

Q2) This man was a flamboyant and treacherous adventurer and pirate whose strong resemblance to Henry VIII led to rumours that he was the king's illegitimate son.

Thomas Stukeley

Henry Carey

Richard Edwardes

John Perrot

Q3) This man was the longtime custodian of Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary was placed in his care starting from 1569 to 1584.

Amias Paulet

William Cecil

George Talbot

Thomas Covington

Q4) Sir Nicholas Throckmorton was related to which Tudor queen?

Anne Boleyn

Elizabeth of York

Catherine Howard

Catherine Parr

Q5) What colour gown was Queen Elizabeth I wearing when she made the Tilbury Speech?





Q6) Sir James Tyrell was a trusted servant of which two monarchs? (select two)

Richard III

Henry VIII

Henry VII

Edward IV

Q7) This man is thought to have been a trusted agent of Margaret Beaufort in her secret efforts to overthrow Richard III in 1483.

Bishop John Fisher

Christopher Urswick

Thomas Stanley

Jasper Tudor

Q8) In July 1551, Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk, lost her two sons to sweating sickness. What were their names (pick two)?





Q9) What was the name of the diplomat, courtier and translator who wrote a book of his life and travels and who translated Castiglione's "Il cortegiano" (The Courtier)?

Francis Bryan

Thomas Vaux

Philip Sidney

Thomas Hoby

Q10) In which year did Queen Elizabeth I make her famous Tilbury speech.





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    Dear Claire/Tim,

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    1. C - Post Author

      Hmmm… I’ve check it and can’t find anything wrong in the admin side so I’ll get Tim to run some checks, must be a glitch somewhere, sorry about that.

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        It’s working now!

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Tudor History Quiz – 16 July