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Tudor Food Quiz

Just how well did you listen to Claire in her recent Claire Chats videos? How much can you remember about Tudor food and feasting?

Tudor Food

Q1) What were "alexanders"?

A vegetable with a flavour between celery and parsley

A grain used to make pottage

A medicinal drink

A root vegetable similar to carrots

Q2) Bread for the peasant class tended to be made of which grain?





Q3) The main raw ingredient of ale was...





Q4) What was manchet?

A rich person's pottage flavoured with spices and almonds

A carving knife


A light white bread made from wheat flour

Q5) According to the sumptuary laws of 1517, how many dishes could a duke/archbishop/marquis/earl/bishop have served at one meal?





Q6) What proportion of a wealthy man's diet was said to have been made up of vegetables?





Q7) Barnacle geese could be eaten on a fish day because...

They spent most of their time in water.

Their meat tasted "fishy"

It was thought that they did not lay eggs but that their goslings emerged from barnacles

They were very rare

Q8) What was sack?

A dessert made from thick cream seasoned with sugar, ginger and rose-water.

A type of salad

A light ale

A type of sherry

Q9) What was a buffet?

A piece of furniture which was a cross between a sideboard and a Welsh dresser

A banquet organised by a livery company

A feast of cold cuts and cold dishes

A metal container used for cooling wine

Q10) Wynkyn de Worde's "Book of Carving" gave terms for carving specific meats and fish. What was the term for carving "that pike"?





Q11) What were you supposed to do with food you hadn't eaten at a feast?

Feed it to your dog

Put it on the "voider"

Place it back on the serving dish

Offer it to another diner

Q12) If you had to blow your nose at the table, what were you supposed to do?

Use your napkin

Use the tablecloth

Just sniff and do it later

Use your hand and then wipe it on your clothing

Q13) Who wrote that the napkin should be placed over your left shoulder or your left wrist?

Henry VIII

Wynkyn de Worde


Elizabeth I

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  1. D

    Annoyed!! at myself for not being able to retain information…lol. got 8 right.

  2. L

    I’m a disgrace, won’t tell you what my score was. Well back to the video , and going to try the quiz again:(

    1. C - Post Author

      Don’t worry, they’re just a bit of fun really. I do hope you enjoy the videos though.

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Tudor Food Quiz