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Tudor Executions Quiz

The Tudor period is known for its executions, it was a bloody time, but how much do you know about the people who were executed between 1485 and 1603? Well, grab your favourite beverage and test yourself with this fun little quiz. Keep your head!

Tudor Executions

Q1) Executed in May 1536, this person was Groom of the Stool to Henry VIII...

George Boleyn

Francis Weston

William Brereton

Henry Norris

Q2) In which year was Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham, executed?





Q3) Which of the following men was not executed on the 17th May?

George Boleyn

Thomas More

Edward Stafford

Mark Smeaton

Q4) Which of the following women panicked on the scaffold when she could not find the block and said, ‘Where is it? What shall I do?'?

Lady Jane Grey

Katherine Howard

Anne Boleyn

Margaret Pole

Q5) Which of the following listed was not executed by beheading?

Edward Seymour

John Dudley

Henry Howard

Thomas Cranmer

Q6) On which date was Thomas Cromwell executed?

22 June 1541

13 May 1549

28 July 1540

4 April 1540

Q7) True or False: At her execution, Katherine Howard said that although she was dying the wife of a king, she would much rather be dying the wife of a Culpepper?



Q8) Which of the following men was executed on the same day as Thomas Cromwell?

Walter Hungerford

Robert Aske

Henry Filmer

Henry Howard

Q9) On which date was John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, executed?

5 August 1553

12 February 1554

30 July 1553

22 August 1553

Q10) How was Robert Aske executed on 12th July 1537?

He was hanged, drawn and quartered

He was hanged in chains

He was boiled to death

He was pressed to death

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Tudor Executions Quiz