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Tudor Coronations True or False Quiz

We've just had the anniversary of the coronation of the second Tudor monarch, King Henry VIII, who was crowned on 24th June 1509, so I thought I'd test your knowledge of Tudor coronations.

How much do you know about the coronations of the Tudor kings and queens?

Test your knowledge with this fun quiz...


#1. True or False - Henry VIII had a joint coronation with Catherine of Aragon?

#2. True or False: Elizabeth of York was pregnant with Arthur when she was crowned?

#3. True or False: Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I were all crowned at Westminster Abbey.

#4. True or False: Lady Jane Grey (Queen Jane) was never crowned?

#5. Henry VIII's coronation took place on the Feast of St Paul?

#6. True or False: William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury, crowned Henry VIII?

#7. True or False: Edward VI's coronation was shortened in length due to his age?

#8. True or False: Stephen Gardiner crowned King Edward VI?

#9. True or False: Edward VI was the first monarch to be anointed as Supreme Head of the English Church at his coronation?

#10. Mary I was crowned queen in a joint ceremony with Philip of Spain

#11. True or False: Mary was crowned by Reginald Pole, Archbishop of Canterbury?

#12. True or False: Elizabeth I's coronation date was chosen using astrology?

#13. True or False: Owen Oglethorpe, Bishop of Carlisle, defied his new queen, Elizabeth I, by elevating the host at her coronation?

#14. True or False: Elizabeth I was crowned on 1 June 1559?

#15. True or False: Only two of Henry VIII's six wives were crowned?


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  1. D

    I got full marks! I couldn’t quite remember the saint’s day for 25 June, but I knew it wasn’t Paul. Most of the rest were fairly simple for me.

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Tudor Coronations True or False Quiz