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Tudor and Plantagenet Monarchs Quiz

How much do you know about the Tudor and Plantagenet dynasties? Check your knowledge with this fun quiz on these kings and queens.

Tudor and Plantagenet Monarchs

Q1) Which woman is known as the "matriarch" of the Tudor dynasty?

Elizabeth Woodville

Elizabeth of York

Margaret Pole

Margaret Beaufort

Q2) Which king founded the Tudor dynasty?

Henry VII

Edward IV

Richard III

Henry VIII

Q3) Where does the name Plantagenet come from?

The nickname for Empress Matilda

The nickname for Geoffrey V

Nowhere in particular, it was just made up

It was Latin for holy roots

Q4) Where did the Plantagenet family originate?





Q5) Who was the first Plantagenet monarch of England?

Richard I

King John

Henry II

Henry III

Q6) Henry VII was the first Tudor king and he united the Houses of Lancaster and York by marrying Elizabeth of York, but whose daughter was she?

Richard III

Henry VI

Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick and "the Kingmaker"

Edward IV

Q7) How long did Henry VII reign?

23 years

25 years

24 years

20 years

Q8) Who was the longest reigning Tudor monarch?

Henry VIII

Elizabeth I

Henry VII

Edward VI

Q9) How was Lady Jane Grey related to Henry VII?

She was his granddaughter

She was his great niece

She was his niece

She was his great-granddaughter

Q10) Mary I was married to Philip of Spain. Who were his parents?

Philip the Handsome and Juana of Castile

Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile

Charles V and Isabella of Portugal

Francis I and Queen Claude

Q11) Mary, Queen of Scots, was descended from which of Henry VII's children?

Margaret Tudor

Mary Tudor, Queen of France

She wasn't.

Henry VIII

Q12) How many of Henry VIII's children survived infancy?





Q13) Who came to the throne after Elizabeth I?

James VI of Scotland

James V of Scotland

James IV of Scotland

Charles I

Q14) For how many years did the Tudor dynasty rule?

120 years

118 years

115 years

117 years

Q15) The boys known as "The Princes in the Tower" were actually a king and a prince. Who was the king?

Edward V

Edward IV

Edward VI

Edward VII

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  1. R

    Even though Edward V and Prince Richard were lawfully declared illegitimate under the Protectorate of Richard Duke of Gloucester, later Richard iii, it was not until June 1483 and Edward had reigned without question since April 1483, so is recognized as a lawful King. The case of Lady Jane Grey is often debated as she took the crown through the will of Edward vi and proclamation, but Mary Tudor was the legal heir and took the crown back via a popular and military coup. Both ladies issued documents in their names as queen, so some historians argue we should call Jane queen, even if she was only there for 13, not 9 days. Others argue that as she was not the lawful heir she jumped the gun and is only Lady Jane. However, a few Kings replaced others via one means or the other, usually in a coup or battle, but we have no problem recognized them in our line, so should Jane Grey be Queen or no Queen?

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Tudor and Plantagenet Monarchs Quiz