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Transcript of Gareth Russell’s Talk on Jane Seymour

Thank you so much to Gareth for taking part in our live chat about his talk on Jane Seymour and thank you also to all who participated and asked such wonderful questions. Congratulations to Lynne Mclachlan, who won a copy of Gareth's upcoming book on the Tudors.

For those who missed the chat, here is a PDF transcript of the chat:

Gareth Russell Live Chat Transcript

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  1. L

    Great chat, thanks! Unfortunately I missed it live on wednesday, but very interesting to read! Thanks to Gareth!

  2. R

    I was unfortunately away and unable to log-in to the chat. Thanks for posting a PDF of the discussion.

    One correction if I might. It was mentioned that Jane Seymour’s brooch (in the Holbein portrait) bears her initials ‘I’ (as in Latin ‘J’) and ‘S’. That’s actually incorrect. The brooch has the initials ‘IHS’ (that is ‘Jesus’). There are other similar contemporary examples. See: ‘Princely Magnificence: Court Jewels of the Renaissance’, 1981, pages 21 and 65.

  3. G

    Hi Roland, thanks so much! I always interpreted it as a bit of a pious pun (the couple’s initials interlocked in the same way as Christ’s). Sometimes it seems a bit megalomaniacal, but then I remembered the bishop of Winchester compared their son’s birth to Saint John the Baptist’s, so, perhaps not!

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Transcript of Gareth Russell’s Talk on Jane Seymour