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Thomas Cromwell’s Execution – His speech and prayer

As it is the anniversary of the execution of Thomas Cromwell today, in this week's Claire Chats video talk Claire talks about the primary sources accounts of Cromwell's execution, his scaffold speech and the prayer he said. She talks about the controversy over his speech and what his prayer said about his faith.


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  1. S

    Thank you for the links Claire. The more I read about this man the more I find I want to investigate and study in great depth. You give a good tribute to a complex character whom when I was a child, I was led to believe was a ‘pure evil upstart’ and as see through as a thin whitewash. Now we know the man deserves his day in court. There is so much more to Henry’s right hand man who is like a box of fire works sparking off so many diverse interesting questions about his life, works and his thoughts. It is fascinating that in 2017 even more questions are being asked by the many us of new hobby historians some even look upon Cromwell with new affection.

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you, Shawdian, I am so looking forward to Diarmaid MacCulloch’s book on Cromwell as I know it will do him justice.

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Thomas Cromwell’s Execution – His speech and prayer