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This week in Tudor History – 18-24 January – Part 2

Part 2 of "This week in Tudor History" covers Tudor history events from 22nd to 24th January.

22nd January 1561, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I - The birth of politician, philosopher, author and scientist Francis Bacon at York House, the Strand, London. Bacon is known as "the Father of the Scientific method" and Baconians believe that he was the true author of some or all of William Shakespeare's plays.

23rd January 1570, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I - The assassination of James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray, the illegitimate son of James V, half-brother of Mary, Queen of Scots, and a man who was acting as regent for his half-nephew, King James VI. He is famous for being the first head of government to be assassinated by a firearm.

24th January 1503 - The laying of the foundation stone of King Henry VII's Chapel, a large Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey, which became the resting place of 15 kings and queens.

Henry VII's Chapel -
Virtual tour of Westminster Abbey -

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