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A priest in the Little Ease, death from plague, and heretics meet their ends – January 25 – 31, Part 1

On 25th January 1540, Jesuit priest and martyr, St Edmund Campion, was born in London. Although he was close to the Earl of Leicester and William Cecil at one point, he ended up being thrown into the Tower of London's Little Ease and being executed as a traitor. Let me tell you his story in today's video.

On 26th January 1528, diplomat and courtier Sir Francis Poyntz died of the plague.

On 27th January 1556, in the reign of Queen Mary I, Bartholomew Green, also known as Bartlet Green, was burnt at the stake for heresy with six other Protestants. He could have got away with receiving communion according to Protestant rites, but he did something that brought him to the attention of the queen and her government. Find out what he did, and about his sad end...

Book recommendations: "God's Traitors" by Jessie Childs.
Order of Service for Campion Day mass - https://association.stonyhurst.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Campion-Mass-Booklet-2020.pdf
Video on Alexander Briant, who was executed with Campion:

Other Tudor history events for 25th, 26th and 27th January:

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    I really love the cat cameos, Claire

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    Anne and Henry committed bigamy on 25th January at Whitehall as Henry’s marriage to Katherine wasn’t yet dissolved and Henry even lied to the priest.
    Anne was pregnant at the time and according to Hall of course the couple were married on 14th November 1532. For me this was probably a contract ceremony and a secret marriage took part on 25th January. However, it was very secretive as Henry, who believed he was free to marry, knew full well the outrage it would cause otherwise.

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A priest in the Little Ease, death from plague, and heretics meet their ends – January 25 – 31, Part 1