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This week in Tudor History – 18-24 January – Part 1

Part 1 of "This week in Tudor History" covers Tudor history events from 18th to 21st January.

Find out all about these Tudor events...

18th January 1543 - Baptism of composer, court musician and perhaps spy Alfonso Ferrabosco at the Cathedral of San Petronio, in Bologna, Italy. This Italian composer popularised the madrigal at the English court and may have acted as a spy for Elizabeth I in Italy. Find out more about his life, career, marriage and children, from Claire.

19th January 1561 - Administrator and diplomat, Sir Edward Carne, died in Rome. This man, who claimed to descend from the Kings of Gwent was sent by Henry VIII to negotiate a marriage match with Christina of Milan and then Anne of Cleves, and marriage matches for his daughter, the future Mary I. Find out more and how he ended up dying in Rome.

20th January 1558 - The state opening of Mary I's fifth and final Parliament, and the only public appearance of the queen since July 1557!

21st January 1556 - The death of Eustace Chapuys, imperial ambassador and a man whose dispatches are a wonderful source for Tudor historians, researchers and authors. Chapuys was a fascinating man and a loyal supporter and friend of Catherine of Aragon and her daughter, the future Mary I. Find out more about him, and how he helped the queen and princess.

Enjoy Alfonso Ferrabosco’s works being performed:

Other Tudor events for 18th to 21st January:

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  1. R

    Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke was also a scientific genius, alchemist and natural scientist. Some people also claim that she wrote many of Shakespeare’s sonnets.
    For those out there who are fans of Discovery of Witches/All Souls Trilogy, Mary is a leading character in Book Two.

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This week in Tudor History – 18-24 January – Part 1