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The Princes in the Tower – Philippa Langley aims to crack the case

john_everett_millais_73_the_princes_in_the_towerPhilippa Langley, who, of course, spear-headed the Looking for Richard project, has announced that she is going to investigate the disappearance of the Princes in the Tower by teaming up with cold case experts.

Langley was quoted in The Independent as saying:

"When you keep the paper historians out of it and ask those whose job it is to look into cold case histories, like the police, lawyers and private investigators they all say the same thing: that’s it’s very questionable whether there was a murder at all, considering what happened with all the pretenders that arrived under Henry Tudor’s reign; and second, that Richard III is not their prime suspect – because they go on motive, opportunity and proclivity.

"I'll be using cold case history specialists because this project needs to go in places it has never gone before."

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  1. L

    Should be interesting but the historian David Starkey wasn’t impressed with her knowledge of Richard 111 when they both were on T.V . But anyone who can try to solve a historical mystery has my backing .Im going to be looking forward to the outcome of this sleuth business with the princes in the tower .

  2. B

    Good for her, but it seems her main interest is proving that her beloved Richard isn’t the murderer. and honestly, I don’t see how finding the bones or anything else is going to provide concrete evidence that will convince those who believe Richard was involved of his innocence. I feel she may be a little prejudice when it comes to picking people for this project which may skew her findings.

    1. R

      Actually she isn’t picking people for the project but has invited input from anyone who wants to help, has access to any documents or archives, is interested in helping, to look and contribute. If you have any knowledge at all you can help. It is not her findings, but a wide team of experts. If you want to help you can get involved and contact the project.

  3. L

    You have a valid point there Billl1978

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The Princes in the Tower – Philippa Langley aims to crack the case