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St Laurence’s, Ludlow – Roving Reporter

This month our intrepid roving reporter has gone to St Laurence’s, Ludlow, the church where the heart of Prince Arthur is buried. It's a very large church with a fascinating history...

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  1. M

    While in Scotland this past autumn, I climbed many stairs such as this in the various castles, and my constant thought was “how in the world did the women get around those stairs in their dresses???”

    1. C

      Yes! It must have been so tricky!

  2. R

    Lovely to see Saint Lawrence’s Church in Ludlow again and the plaque commemorating Prince Arthur of Wales where his heart was buried. It’s a beautiful building, thank you, Philippa.

    Henry Tudor made a real statement when he sent his son to Ludlow as a child and later with, Katherine, his wife. Ludlow was the Mortimer inheritance of Richard, Third Duke of York, then of course the three York Kings to follow. The Fettelock is one of his symbols and it’s his heritage which is depicted in that fabulous Victorian stainless window, with Prince Arthur in the corner. There is also a chained swan for Henry vi, whose army sacked Ludlow. The tomb in the background belongs to Sir Henry Sidney and his daughter, Ambrosia who was eleven at the time of her death. He was the first Lieutenant of Wales to bring the factions in the Marchers to heel and form a permanent body of government instead. Before that it was practically unruly. Princess Mary was also sent to live in Ludlow.

    Very atmospheric view from the Tower.

  3. M

    Great video! Beautiful scenery. Thank you for sharing. Michelle t

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St Laurence’s, Ludlow – Roving Reporter