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Ludlow Castle – Roving Reporter

This month, Philippa Brewell, our roving reporter, has been to Ludlow Castle in Shropshire. It's an impressive Norman castle, now in ruins and it has a strong connection to the Tudors.

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  1. M

    Great tour! Thank you! Michelle t

  2. L

    What a fabulous castle , you don’t need much of a imagination to feel what it was like in its heyday. I find it very atmospheric and if you look closely to one of the walls from a little distance you can make out a face😉. Thanks Philippa , your best one yet

  3. R

    Ludlow is a beautiful castle, thanks, Philippa. When you think of the personalities connected with the Marches and Ludlow as the main stronghold, Roger Mortimer and his family, Prince Arthur and Princess Katherine of Aragon, Edward, Prince of Wales, briefly Edward V, then Mary daughter of Henry Viii, Richard, Duke of York and Cecily Neville, briefly the children Richard, future Duke of Gloucester and his older brother, George Duke of Clarence and later the Sidneys, its amazing. I loved it there. Hopefully we are going back later this year, have to wait for Steve to be able to drive. Having a big operation on Wednesday. Looking forward to going in June and their music festival again. Saw David Essex, Shawadywaddy and Les McKeons Bay City Rollers there in 2014.

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Ludlow Castle – Roving Reporter