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Sleeping in Tudor Times

In this week's Claire Chats, I talk about the advice given to Tudor people about sleeping and I look at what they actually slept on.

Sources and Further Reading

Great Bed of Ware

Great Bed of Ware

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  1. M

    Did anyone else see the news story about Elizabeth Hurley deciding to plop herself on the Great Bed of Ware in the Victoria and Albert museum?
    She wanted a picture of herself on the Great Bed of Ware, and got herself booted from the museum by security.

    I’d pay to see the security video.

    1. C - Post Author

      No, I missed that!

  2. M

    Great info here!! Loved this 🙂

  3. S

    Loved this! Thanks Claire! Night night 😉

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Sleeping in Tudor Times