Send us a “Tudor Things” photo…

Hi, Tudor fans!

As you know, we here at the Tudor Society have a passion for all things Tudor! And since you're reading this post, I suspect that you do to?!

We'd love you to send us a photo of you with your favourite "Tudor Thing" that you own, whether that's a book, a dress, jewellery, a doll, an item you bought from a Tudor historical site... absolutely anything at all that you love which is Tudor-y. We're putting together an article for a future Tudor Life magazine where we'll be including these photos. This is your chance to show us what you love about the Tudors.

Send your digital photos to and we'll put them into a future magazine edition. We're sorry, but we can't pay you for the photos, but we'll send you much thanks and praise!

Thank you so much in advance!

The Tudor Society & Tudor Life team.

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Send us a “Tudor Things” photo…