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Royal Burials Quiz

As it's the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday 19th September, I thought that I'd test you on the burials of Tudor royals.

Let's get those little grey cells working!


#1. Queen Elizabeth II will be buried at St George's Chapel, Windsor, which of these Tudor monarchs was buried there?

The answer is Henry VIII.

#2. True or false: Although his body was buried at Worcester Cathedral, the heart of Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, was buried at Ludlow Castle?

#3. True or false: Anne of Cleves is the only one of Henry VIII's wives to be buried at Westminster Abbey?

#4. True or false: Edward VI, although Protestant, was buried with Catholic rites due to his half-sister, Mary, being on the throne when he was buried?

He was buried on 8th August 1553 with Protestant rites in a service led by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer.

#5. Following her death in 1603, Elizabeth I was buried with her half-brother, Edward VI, until she was moved in 1606 to share a tomb with her half-sister, Mary?

She was first buried in the vault of her grandfather, Henry VII.

#6. With which of his wives is King Henry VIII buried?

The answer is Jane Seymour.

#7. Queen Jane Seymour's heart was buried at this place...

The answer is Hampton Court Palace.

#8. True or false: Mary I left instructions for her mother, Catherine of Aragon, to be moved from Peterborough to be buried with her.

Although her wishes were ignored.

#9. Mary, Queen of Scots was buried in the Henry VII Chapel of Westminster Abbey.

#10. Mary Tudor, Queen of France, sister of Henry VIII, was moved to St. Mary's Church, Bury St. Edmunds, from the Abbey of Bury St Edmund, why?

Correct answer: The abbey was dissolved in the dissolution of the monasteries.

#11. True or false: the tomb of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland, at Charterhouse, Perth, has been lost.

Nothing survives of the priory above ground now.


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  1. S

    Some are guesses but I’m a bit of a Tudor fan so read plenty about them

  2. C

    Was Arthur’s heart really buried at Ludlow Castle? I thought it was buried in St Lawrence’s Church in Ludlow.

  3. R

    I’m of Plantagenet lineage from Edward I and am an adherent of the House of York { The Whyte Rose } for the Ward of The Roses. I loathe the Lancastrian and Tudor usurpers and pray they burn in Hell’s hottest and darkest corner, along with other regicides such as Oliver Cromwell, Robespierre, Lenin and Stalin.

    I have championed Richard III for more than forty years – I’m now seventy. His photo, along with the martyr Charles I, is on my wall at my home and I also honour Nicholas II and his family on the day they were slaughtered by the Bolsheviks.

  4. A

    WOW I got I 10 out of 11….I’m pleased with that!

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Royal Burials Quiz