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Society of Antiquaries of London portrait of Richard III

Society of Antiquaries of London portrait of Richard III

The internet was buzzing yesterday afternoon with headlines like "Does Richard III's DNA question Queen's right to the throne?", "Richard III's DNA throws up infidelity surprise" and "Richard III?s DNA Shows Tudors May Have No Claim to the Throne". This was due to the publication of the findings of the DNA investigation carried out by the University of Leicester.

Click here to read the findings - and this is the journal article by Dr Turi King and her team, not the press's take on things. The main findings are:

The second main finding has obviously caused a stir, but I don't think the Queen is in danger of being removed!

It really does make interesting reading, doesn't it?

John Ashdown-Hill has written two articles for our special Richard III themed March issue of Tudor Life and he talks about his role in the DNA research prior to the dig and also his thoughts on the paternity of Edmund Tudor. I'm looking forward to that!

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