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Researching a print and portrait

Read more about the prints and portrait in my article over at The Anne Boleyn Files - click here.

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  1. D

    Ooo! Nice chat, Claire, on a very timely subject. I have never noticed the fashion changes in lappets before…though I’m not a Tudor clothes expert myself. As a retired research type, that smells like first rate research practice to me: knowing when to consult an expert for subjects outside your immediate areas of expertise (and you remembered to give proper attribution too…Huzzah!).

    So that lappet thing got me looking at hoods starting with Margaret Beaufort and carrying through Henry VIII’s reign. It looks to me that there’s a logical progression you can follow from Margaret Beaufort’s peaked veil to the “house on the head” monster gable hoods of the 1530s. Tracing that progression might make a good article for the magazine or website. Maybe one of your Tudor clothes experts could put one together? I’d love to read one on that subject!

    1. C - Post Author

      Thanks, Doc, I’m really quite cross about this eBay seller and he keeps trying to advertise his prints on the AB Files, offering my followers discounts!! Grrr!
      Bess is working on an article but is very busy with her day job. She is going to try and do a slideshow or video on the evolution of the gable hood and I’m sure that will be interesting. Bess and I are also still researching jewellery of the period and it appears that As and Bs were very popular, so I’m sure they had religious significance. Anyone who thinks that A and B were only used by Anne Boleyn is wrong.

  2. K

    hope that ebay seller gets feedback to reflect his item description claire! I think you should get a refund!

    Great talk though. I had never thought how a decade could make such a difference in style. Just like now — if we look at magazines 10 years back it has all changed.

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Researching a print and portrait