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Quiz – Match the words to the Tudor monarch

Who said what and to whom?

How much do you know about the words written and spoken by the Tudor kings and queens?

Test yourself with today's fun quiz.


#1. Who said "Some be too stiff in their old mumpsimus, other be too busy and curious in their new sumpsimus" in a speech to Parliament?

#2. Who said to Parliament: "Who keepes their Sovereigne from the lapse of error, in which, by ignorance, and not by intent, they might have fallen; what thankes they deserve, we know, though you may gesse"?

#3. Are these the words of Mary I or Elizabeth I: "And this I say on the word of a prince. I cannot tell how naturally a mother loveth her children, for I never had any; but if subjects may be loved as a mother doth her child, then assure yourselves that I, your sovereign lady and queen, do as earnestly love and favor you"?

#4. Which of Queen Catherine Parr's stepchildren wrote these words to her: "Cease not to love and read the Scriptures, but persevere in always reading them; for in the first you show the duty of a good wife and a good subject, and in the second, the warmth of your friendship, and in the third, your piety to God."?

#5. To whom did Lady Jane Grey write these words: "Now as touching my death, rejoice as I do.... that I shall be delivered of this corruption, and put on incorruption: for I am assured that I shall, for losing of a mortal life, win one that is immortal, joyful, and everlasting"?

#6. To whom did Henry VIII write these words: "Thus hoping shortly to receive you in these arms, I end for the present your own loving servant and sovereign, H.R."?

#7. Who wrote these words to his/her mother: "I beseeche you to pardon me, for verrayly Madame my syghte is nothing so perfitt as it has ben"?

#8. Who wrote these words and to whom: "And further I shall most humbly bessech your Majesty that when you shall look on my picture, you will vouchsafe to think that as you have but the outward shadow of the body afore you, so my inward mind wischeth that the body itself were often in your presence"?

#9. Who wrote these words to King Edward VI: "I have by my servantes receaved your moste honorable Letter, the contentes wherof doe not a litle trouble me, and so much the more for that any of my servants should move or attempte me in matteres towching my sowle"?

#10. Who spoke these words: "Let tyrants fear. I have always so behaved myself that, under God, I have placed my chiefest strength and safeguard in the loyal hearts and good-will of my subjects"?

#11. Who wrote: "But this I will say with certain intention, that I will see my laws strictly obeyed, and those who break them shall be watched and denounced" and to whom?


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  1. L

    Oh dear! What a terrible result. However, it was my First quiz and I did enjoy ‘having a go’ anyway. I obviously need to pay much more attention and to read a lot more. It is just a pity that my memory is so very bad (Understatement) LOL 🤣 However, I did have fun doing the quiz and I do so very much love Tudor history 💓 👑 👍 … Oh well – is what it is! … Claire IS a great teacher! Unfortunately, I’m just a lousy student. Go figure! 😊

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Quiz – Match the words to the Tudor monarch