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Quiz – How long?

Today's Tudor history quiz consists of ten questions about "how long"?

Test your Tudor history knowledge with this fun quiz - good luck!

How long?

Q1) How long did the Tudor dynasty rule for?

119 years

114 years

150 years

117 years

Q2) How long was Henry VIII married to Catherine of Aragon for?

Nearly 24 years

Nearly 30 years

Nearly 22 years

Nearly 19 years

Q3) Approximately how long was there between Henry's decision to make Anne Boleyn his wife and to ask for a papal dispensation for their marriage and their actual official marriage?

7 and a half years

5 and a half years

8 years

9 and a half years

Q4) How long was Edward Seymour Lord Protector for?

Just over 6 years

Just over 4 years

Under 3 years

Under 2 years

Q5) How long was Mary I married to Philip of Spain?

3 years

2 years

5 years

4 years

Q6) How long did Thomas Cranmer hold the office of Archbishop of Canterbury?

25 years

22 years

18 years

24 years

Q7) Approximately how long was the Pale of Calais held by England?

250 years

144 years

212 years

365 years

Q8) For how long was Mary, Queen of Scots, queen of Scotland?

24 and a half years

17 years

22 and a half years

19 years

Q9) How long was the marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York?

14 years

18 years

16 years

17 years

Q10) How long was Henry VIII's reign?

Nearly 40 years

Nearly 38 years

Nearly 36 years

Nearly 44 years

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Quiz – How long?