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Quiz: The Events of 1540-42 in Tudor England

The years 1540 to 1542 were rather busy for King Henry VIII, but how much do you know about the events of those years? Test yourself with this fun quiz. Good luck!

The events of 1540-1542 in Tudor England

Q1) At which palace did Henry VIII marry Katherine Howard on 28th July 1540?


Hampton Court



Q2) True or false: when Anne of Cleves arrived in England she could play the lute and write music?



Q3) On 5th December 1540, Eustace Chapuys wrote a letter to the Queen of Hungary regarding Queen Katherine Howard and the Lady Mary. What news did he have?

That the two women had formally met

That Katherine had been angry with Mary and had issued a threat

That they had danced together

None of the above

Q4) Not long after the marriage between Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves, a joust was held in her honour - where was the joust held?

Greenwich Palace

Hampton Court Palace



Q5) In June 1540, Henry VIII requested Anne of Cleves be moved to Richmond Palace. What reason did he give her?

The plague was rife in London

The court was moving there

Sweating sickness had broken out in London

He said that he was trying to annul their marriage

Q6) On 10th June 1540 this person was arrested, who was it?

Thomas Wyatt

Katherine Howard

Thomas Cromwell

Margaret Pole

Q7) True or false: In June 1541 King Henry VIII was made King of Ireland.



Q8) Which of the following things did Anne of Cleves receive from Henry VIII after the annulment of their marriage?

The title of "the King's Sister"

Richmond Palace and Hever Castle

A generous income

All of the above

Q9) How many women did Queen Katherine Howard have in her household?





Q10) At which royal property was Katherine Howard when Francis Dereham returned to London from his time in Ireland?

Greenwich Palace

Windsor Castle

St James's Palace

Nonsuch Palace

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Quiz: The Events of 1540-42 in Tudor England