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Quiz – Anne of Cleves, fourth wife of Henry VIII

Anne of Cleves was the fourth wife of King Henry VIII, but how much do you actually know about her? Test your knowledge and have some fun with our Sunday quiz on Anne - good luck!

Quiz - Anne of Cleves, fourth wife of Henry VIII

Q1) Francis of Lorraine, a man who had once been betrothed to Anne of Cleves, married this woman in 1541. At which King Henry VIII said she was not his true wife as Anne of Cleves was.

Elizabeth of Valois

Margaret of Austria

Christina of Denmark

Isabella of Burgundy

Q2) When Anne of Cleves was first introduced to Queen Katherine Howard she did this:

She curtsied and greeted her

She fell on her knees and greeted her

She turned and walked out of the room

She was never introduced to her

Q3) During Queen Mary I's coronation procession, in which chariot following the queen did Anne of Cleves ride?

First chariot

Second chariot

Third chariot

She rode on horseback

Q4) Anne's sister Sybilla was married to this man - he was named the heir to Cleves in the event that William, Duke of Cleves, died without male issue.

Charles of Hapsburg

The Duke of Orleans

Henri Valois

John Frederick of Saxony

Q5) True or false: Ladies raised in Cleves were taught music and dancing from an early age?



Q6) During her final weeks in Cleves, Anne....

Practised her needlework

Cried every day

Had twice daily English lessons

Spent time with her mother and sister Amalia

Q7) Henry VIII had a feeling that Anne knew little about English customs and the language, so he sent to her a gentlewoman by the name of...

Mistress Vaux

Mistress Savage

Mistress Gylman

Mistress Fitzgerald

Q8) Anne had written Thomas Cromwell several letters attempting to get a meeting with him, presumably to discuss her failing marriage. Cromwell's reaction to the letters was to do what?

Leave them unopened

Set up a meeting at Greenwich

Inform the king that the queen was writing to him

Burn the letters

Q9) True or false: After unsuccessfully trying to consummate the marriage on the wedding night, Henry VIII gave up trying and began to look harder for a way out of the marriage?



Q10) Henry VIII informed Anne of Cleves of his marriages to both Katherine Howard and Katherine Parr in this way...

By letter

He sent a messenger to inform her

He had dinner with her

He didn't, Anne found out from gossip

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Quiz – Anne of Cleves, fourth wife of Henry VIII