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Queen Mary I and her reign quiz

As Mary I was the topic of my Claire Chats talk this week, I thought it would be good to test your knowledge on this Tudor queen.

How much do you know about Queen Mary I? Hopefully, you'll be surprised by just how much you know!

Grab your favourite snack and beverage, make yourself comfortable, and let's begin... Good luck!

Queen Mary I and her reign

Q1) How old was Mary when she became queen?





Q2) To which of these men was Mary betrothed during her childhood? Tick all that apply.

Francis the Dauphin, son of Francis I

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Louis XII

John III of Portugal

Q3) Before Mary angered her father, Henry VIII, by supporting her mother, Catherine of Aragon, and refusing to recognise the annulment and Henry's title of Supremen Head of the Church in England, how did Henry VIII refer to her?

As the apple of his eye

As his diamond in the rough

As his precious ruby

As his pearl of the world

Q4) True or false: Mary stood as godmother to her half-brother, Edward VI?



Q5) True or false: During her brother Edward VI's reign, Mary kept her Catholic faith to herself and didn't rock the boat in any way?



Q6) Mary was officially proclaimed queen in London on 19th July 1553, but when did she proclaim herself queen to her household at Kenninghall?

6th July

7th July

8th July

9th July

Q7) Which man did she choose as her Lord Chancellor when she came to the throne?

Reginald Pole

Stephen Gardiner

William Paget

William Herbert

Q8) Mary I ruled for only 5 years, but she did achieve a significant amount. Which of the following did she achieve? Tick all that apply.

She maintained the navy and reformed the militia

She established the gender-free authority of the Crown

She began drafting plans for currency reform

She granted a royal charter to the Muscovy Company

Q9) How many Protestants are recorded as being executed during her reign?





Q10) True or false: Mary imprisoned her half-sister, Elizabeth, in the Tower of London for 6 months?



Q11) Mary I died on 17th November 1558, but where did she die?

Richmond Palace

Hampton Court Palace

St James's Palace

Whitehall Palace

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Queen Mary I and her reign quiz