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My Peggy Nisbet Dolls Collection

I quite often receive questions about the dolls I have on my bookcase and Margaret asked if I would do a Claire Chats video on them, explaining how/where I got them. So, here you go! My collection is all down to my dear friend Dawn Hatswell - thank you Dawn!

The other little felt dolls you often see on my bookcase are "Deri Dolls", handmade by Andreia Fonseca, or Deri as she likes to be called, in Portugal. They are samples of the ones I sell on the Anne Boleyn Files website. They're so cute!

Here are the numbers of my dolls in case you want to look them up on eBay etc.

H/218 King Henry VIII
H/219 Katherine of Aragon
P/603 Anne Boleyn
P/604 Jane Seymour
P/605 Anne of Cleves
P/606 Catherine Howard
P/607 Catherine Parr
H/216 Lady Jane Grey (The "9 day Queen”)

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  1. M

    The dolls are exquisite! I had no idea they were that old. Thanks for the up close view of them. I’ve been looking at them on your bookcase and wanted to know more about them.
    I’ll be searching for more about Peggy Nisbet and browsing eBay!
    Thank you Claire!

  2. S

    Hi Claire,
    I really enjoyed seeing and hearing about your doll collection. I’m always trying to see them better on your bookcase but I don’t want to get too distracted by them during your chats. Now I won’t have to wonder so much! Thank you for doing all the Claire Chats. They’re so wonderful!

  3. L

    Thanks for giving us a closer look at them, Claire! They certainly are very lovely! I may be adding them to my Christmas list!!

    1. C - Post Author

      They are lovely and definitely something to add to the Christmas list.

  4. H

    I also own Henry VIII and all 6 wives by Peggy Nisbet. I have had them for about 45 or more years. I love them. I have the Catherine Parr with the velvet headdress and embroidered inner skirt. They are beautiful. I enjoyed hearing more about Peggy and her dolls and seeing Lady Jane Grey. Thank you.

    1. C - Post Author

      Do you have any others Helen?

      1. H

        No, I only have those 7. Wish I had more!

  5. B

    Thanks for sharing your dolls! I now own Henry VIII, Jane Seymour, and Catherine Parr. I’m waiting on my purchase of Katherine of Aragon and Anne of Cleves to arrive this week!! I have fallen in love with these dolls!! Lol After I complete the wives, I will post a picture. I purchased all of mine on Etsy. Now to find an Elizabeth I in the Tower Treasures collection in porcelain!! 😄

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My Peggy Nisbet Dolls Collection