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#OTD in Tudor History – 26 January

On this day in Tudor history, 26th January, a courtier and diplomat died of the plague, a judge who is known for his reports on cases like that of Anne Boleyn died, and Mary I summoned her half-sister Elizabeth to court, although Elizabeth declined, pleading illness...

  • 1528 – Death of Sir Francis Poyntz, courtier and diplomat, in London. He died of the plague. Find out more about Poyntz in my article on him here.
  • 1533 – Henry VIII appointed Thomas Audley as Lord Chancellor to replace Sir Thomas More, who had resigned the previous year. Audley had actually been carrying out the duties of Lord Chancellor since May 1532.
  • 1546 – Death of Sir John Spelman, Judge of Assize and Law Reporter. He was buried at Narborough, Norfolk. He is known for his reports of cases from 1502 to 1540, which included the proceedings against Cardinal Wolsey, Bishop Fisher, Sir Thomas More and Anne Boleyn. See video below.

  • 1554 – Mary I wrote to Elizabeth I summoning her to court and warning her about Wyatt's Rebellion. Elizabeth did not obey the summons, pleading illness as an excuse. See video below.
  • 1567 – Death of Nicholas Wotton, diplomat, Secretary of State and Dean of Canterbury and York. He died in London and was buried in Canterbury Cathedral.
  • 1612 – Burial of Jane Suárez de Figueroa (née Dormer), Duchess of Feria, at Zafra, in the monastery of Santa Clara.

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#OTD in Tudor History – 26 January