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#OTD in Tudor History – 16 January

On this day in Tudor history, 16th January, a courtier and close friend of Henry VIII was born, a young king had his apartments broken into by his uncle, and a Howard man was tried for treason, and, unsurprisingly, found guilty...

  • 1486 – The Bishop of Imola, the papal legate, authorised the marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, which was due to take place on 18th January.
  • 1501 – Birth of Sir Anthony Denny, courtier and close friend of Henry VIII, at Cheshunt. He was the second son of Sir Edmund Denny and his wife, Mary. Click here to find out more about him.
  • 1549 - Thomas Seymour was alleged to have broken into Edward VI's apartments at Hampton Court Palace to kidnap the young King. Click here to read more about this incident. See the video below.

  • 1558 – Death of Thomas Alsop, Chief Apothecary to Henry VIII and Serjeant of the Royal 'Confectionary' to Edward VI. He was buried in St Mary Woolchurch.
  • 1572 – Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk, was tried and found guilty of treason at Westminster Hall. See the video below.
  • 1585 – Death of Edward Fiennes Clinton, 1st Earl of Lincoln, military commander, in London. He was buried in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Clinton served Elizabeth I as a privy councillor and Lord Admiral until his death.
  • 1606 – Death of Matthew Hutton, Archbishop of York, at Bishopthorpe. He was buried at York Minster.

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#OTD in Tudor History – 16 January