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October 16 – The burnings of Latimer and Ridley

On this day in Tudor history, 16th October 1555, in the reign of Queen Mary I, two of the Oxford Martyrs, Protestant bishops Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley, were burnt at the stake in Oxford for heresy.

In the video below, I give an overview of Latimer and Ridley's careers, and then share an account of their burnings from John Foxe's Book of Martyrs. Warning: John Foxe's account is pretty horrible.

"Every eye shed tears at the afflicting sight of these sufferers, who were among the most distinguished persons of their time in dignity, piety, and public estimation." John Foxe

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    No clearer cases of High Treason in these cases; but I am curious as to why they were executed for heresy when their treason was so plain.

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October 16 – The burnings of Latimer and Ridley