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November 20 – Sir John Harington and his flush toilet

On this day in history, 20th November 1612, in the reign of King James I, Sir John Harington died.

Harington was a courtier and author, and also the late Queen Elizabeth I's godson.

In Elizabeth I's reign, he had invented the Ajax, or “jakes”, England’s first flush toilet.

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  1. D

    John Harington is one of my favourite Elizabethans. A lively letter writer and a wonderful source of gossip. He went everywhere and knew everyone, and his mother Isabella Markham was a long-serving Lady of the Queen’s Bedchamber. So he had good sources, though he liked to make a tale worth the telling.
    The dinner (at Wardour Castle?) where the development of his jakes was first discussed was, according to John, very lively. I would like to have been there!

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November 20 – Sir John Harington and his flush toilet