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The Tudor Society

New Tudor Rose pin badge coming in September!

Some exciting news from us here at the Tudor Society about our new Tudor rose pin badge!

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  1. Suzie Larochelle /

    Fantastic! I can’t wait!!!!

  2. Christine Colburn /

    Thank you! I love that it symbolizes the entire dynasty and not one particular monarch (how could I choose?!)

  3. Gayle Laver /

    It looks really nice! Can’t wait!

  4. Sheena Johnson /

    Yay! I LOVE this!

  5. Jane Moulder /

    Think it looks absolutely fab! Well done team.

  6. Margaret /

    I LOVE IT!
    I’ve been MIA for a while–gained another granddaughter and unexpectedly lost an old gallbladder, so this is the first time I’ve been online with you in quite some time. Claire, I adore your hair! It looks fabulous on you. Some ladies are just made for a pixie cut, and I think it’s very flattering on you!

    1. Claire Ridgway / Post Author

      Congratulations on your new granddaughter and I’m sorry about the gallbladder – ouch! Thank you, I’ve had it cut three times in the past few weeks, getting shorter each time and I’m really happy with it now. A big change but I love it.

  7. Ceri Creffield /

    Love this!

  8. Rhi /

    This sounds like a great idea, and I’m looking forward to wearing it with pride and telling people about the society

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New Tudor Rose pin badge coming in September!