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Natalie Grueninger Expert Talk – On Tudor Progress

Our March talk is by Natalie Grueninger, author of "In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn". Natalie takes us through the reasons why the Tudor court went on progress and gives us many interesting facts and tales about some of the different progresses that Henry VIII went on.

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  1. D

    Really enjoyed that talk Natalie and Claire.
    They certainly took everything but the kitchen sink with them on their travels.
    It must have been a logistic nightmare getting all the arrangements together, no electronics to email to the expectant hosts to see if everything was in place and going to plan!
    You can see how a Royal Visit could cause a great deal of debt on the hosts, bankruptcy even, perhaps the odd nervous break-down too… I nearly have one getting things ready for a couple of relatives coming to stay for holiday 🙂 I will remember that next time I get a panic on-it’s only 2 coming to stay, NOT 600 plus lol.

  2. T

    Wow, I would have hated to be one of the people who packed them up! I didn’t realize that they hauled all that stuff! Thanks Natalie and Claire.

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Natalie Grueninger Expert Talk – On Tudor Progress