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Elizabeth Norton Expert Talk – The Boleyn Family

Thanks this month goes to historian Elizabeth Norton for her expert chat all about The Boleyn Family. It's very easy to be absorbed in the fascinating life of Queen Anne Boleyn and her marriage to Henry VIII, but the Boleyn family has a much longer history. In this Expert Talk, Elizabeth Norton explains to us where the Boleyns came from and how they rose high enough for Anne to become Queen Consort. Fascinating stuff!

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  1. L

    I enjoyed the talk and can’t wait to ask some questions on the Boleyns

  2. S

    Great talk… really interesting!

  3. D

    I enjoyed this lecture very much! also the pictures of the places she discussed were very helpful and helped me feel further engaged!

    I am also curious to know if there are any direct descendants of the Boleyn line alive today?

    Thank you!

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Elizabeth Norton Expert Talk – The Boleyn Family