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Meet-up in Paris

Eiffel TowerI've mentioned it before but there's no harm in mentioning it again. Tim and I, plus our three children, are meeting up with my George Boleyn co-author Clare Cherry (and her partner) and Melanie Taylor, our Tudor Society art historian, in Paris on Sunday 29th March at the Musée du Luxembourg to see "The Tudors" exhibition. Please do email me at [email protected] if you are going to be in Paris on that date and perhaps you can join us.

The exhibition runs from now until 19th July 2015 and here is the blurb:

"Of all the dynasties that have succeeded one another on the English throne, the Tudors, who reigned between 1485 and 1603, are certainly one of the most popular. Apart from the legend largely inspired by their private lives, the sovereigns left a deep imprint on the history of the kingdom: politically, by giving it a strategic position in Europe; spiritually, by breaking away from the Catholic Church; and culturally, by welcoming the Renaissance. Artists from Italy, Flanders and Germanic countries entered the service of the court to meet the new need for Royal portraits. It was at the confines of all these influences, in a country undergoing great upheavals, that the original forms of the English Renaissance were developed. This exhibition is the first in France on the subject.

This exhibition is organised by the Réunion des musées nationaux in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, London."

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  1. r

    As much as I would love to see this exhibit- it is a wee bit far from New York!
    Do you know if this exhibit will be sent to other countries?
    Thanks, and have a wonderful time!

  2. M

    Claire, it promises to be a great weekend. Looking forward to getting together with you, Tim, the children & Clare Cherry and her husband.

    @Ricki – We promise to tell you all about it. As for the exhibition going travelling, unfortunately I don’t know, but I’m in London next Tuesday and will ask my contacts at the NPG. If so, then Tudor Life will be letting everyone know.

  3. r

    Thanks, I really hope it comes to New York sometime
    I look forward to hearing all about it!
    Just wanted to tell you I loved your book- are you going to be writing more?
    Hope u enjoy yourself- will be thinking of all of u!

    1. M

      Ricki, I’m currently working on the prequel of The Truth of the Line, which is about Levina Teerlinc. I’m glad you like the loved TOTL – I’ve written a couple other stories too. The Walls of Truth, published by MadeGlobal, is based on historical fact, but has a surreal twist. It is a short story in memory of all those who were sacrificed or died in WW2 either by Nazi persecution, or fighting for freedom. With the 70th anniversary of the end of that war approaching I hope it makes my readers think. I don’t do gore – life is too full that already, so it is has psychological bias. MadeGlobal (Tim & Claire) and I are very proud that the library at Yad Vashem has accepted a copy of this short story especially as it is non-denominational. If you read it, let me know who you think The Interrogator is – Tim will give you my email address.

      I’ll let you know if the exhibition opening in Paris is set to do a world tour, but I have a horrible feeling that it won’t be travelling except by train, back to the UK. This is a real shame, but some of these works are really fragile, which is another reason why this exhibition is so special. I am amazed that the Crampe Ringe Prayer book of Mary I has been included (I’ve written an article on this for the Easter edition of Tudor Life.) I was privileged to be allowed to study the prayer book in Westminster Abbey as part of my MA research into Levina Teerlinc. The tradition of blessing cramp rings was centuries old, which made me wonder why Mary had it made. The book itself is quite small, but the fact that Mary commissioned it virtually immediately she came to the throne suggests she was very aware that her position as the first woman to succeed to the throne in her own right i.e. by divine right. But if I say anymore I will spoil the Easter article for you.

      There will be photos of all of us in Paris so those that who are unable to be with us physically can enjoy the moments. Tim will be pleased – my publicity photo is 20 years out of date and he’s been pressing me for a more up to date one! So difficult when you only have one photo of yourself that you like! Unfortunately he won’t settle for a substitute image of my Jack Russell terrier!!!

      As to the other novel, as you probably know, MadeGlobal are dedicated to publishing historical works so my other book, which is set in the present day, is published by me as an indie author through Amazon. Just type in Melanie V Taylor into the search engine on Amazon and they all come up.

      It’s only a week until we set off for Paris!

      1. r

        Thanks so much for taking the time to write back! I just ordered The Walls of Truth and look forward to reading it
        How do I get in touch with Tim for your email? I promise to get in touch with you after I read the book.
        I am looking forward to your article about Mary I- I always wonder what would have happened if Jane Grey was permitted to remain the queen- many poor souls would not have lost their lives for their beliefs-
        As for pictures- I know what you mean- my website has one of me that is quite old too!
        If you are interested in seeing what one of your readers does for a living- I am a physician and you could google MitchellMedicalGroup.
        Once again, have a great time!

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Meet-up in Paris