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Medieval and Tudor Armour and Weapons Quiz

Test your knowledge of the weapons and armour used in the medieval and Tudor periods with this fun quiz - Good luck!

Medieval and Tudor Armour and Weapons

Q1) What was a "morning star"?

A type of sword

A dagger

A spiked club

A type of helmet

Q2) What was a trebuchet?

A giant catapault

A type of cannon

A type of pistol

A dagger

Q3) What was unusual about the death of Robert Packington in 1536?

He died from self-inflicted wounds from shooting himself with his own bow.

It took seven blows from the axe to executed him.

He fell on his dagger during a game of football.

He was shot with a handgun.

Q4) Which weapon is credited with helping the English forces win the Battle of Agincourt in 1415?

The Horseman's pick

The morning star

The English longbow

The broadsword

Q5) What's the main difference between a falchion and broadsword?

The falchion has a single edge and the broadsword has two edges.

One is a dagger and the other is a sword

Nothing, they're two names for the same weapon

One was used for jousting and the other for battle

Q6) What's a halberd?

A shirt made of chainmail

A type of stiletto dagger

A two-handed double-edged sword

A two-handed pole weapon with an axe-like cutting blade.

Q7) What part of the body does the cuirass protect?

The head

The chest

The bottom

The leg

Q8) How much does the foot combat armour made in 1520 for Henry VIII weigh?

22.6kg (50lb)

34.1kg (75lb)

42.6kg (94lb)

55kg (121lb)

Q9) What is a sabaton?

Armour for the foot

A mailed glove

A shoulder plate

Protection for the elbow

Q10) Who presented Henry VIII with armour which included a horned helmet?

Charles V

Francis I

Maximilian I

James IV

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Medieval and Tudor Armour and Weapons Quiz