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May 2019 – Tudor Life – The Boleyns

May's Tudor Life magazine is focused on the Boleyn Family, including the infamous Anne Boleyn, but also her brother George Boleyn, father Thomas Boleyn, sister Mary Boleyn and even wider. As always it's packed from start to finish with interesting facts, articles and stunning photos. We've even got an exclusive "behind the scenes" photo montage from Hever Castle. Not to be missed ...

This month the magazine contains:

  • Anne Boleyn’s Date of Birth by Gareth Russell
  • 15 Things you might not know about Thomas Boleyn by Claire Ridgway
  • Tamise Hills is the guest speaker for May on Lady Jane Grey
  • Anne of the Thousand Days by Roland Hui
  • Sorry, Not Sorry: What happened to the feminist Anne Boleyn by Gareth Russell
  • Portraits at Hever quiz by Catherine Brooks
  • Hever Castle, The Ancestral Home of the Boleyns: Exclusive access photo montage by Tim Ridgway
  • Mary Boleyn’s Son, Henry Carey by Sarah-Beth Watkins
  • Boleyn Family Factfiles by Claire Ridgway
  • Real Events and Fiction mix Together An interview with Sean Poage
  • A Visit to Raglan Castle in Wales with Bill Wolff
  • Wendy’s words on writing wisdom by Wendy J. Dunn
  • The streets of Elizabethan London by Toni Mount
  • Tudor Life Editor’s Picks - Boleyn Books
  • The Wars of the Roses and its Key Players - Richard III and Henry VII by Debra Bayani
  • Book Reviews: Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou & Thomas Cromwell a Life Reviews by Charlie Fenton
  • From the Spicery:Cultured and Fermented by Rioghnach O’Geraghty
  • May’s On this day in Tudor History by Claire Ridgway

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  1. M

    Thank you Tim and Claire.

  2. W

    G’day from Australia. Goodness – on May 19th I will be at the Tower of London with a bunch of roses for a certain queen!

    Just been reading through the latest Tudor mag and thought I would add my support to Gareth Russell’s arguments regarding Anne Boleyn’s birth year in his brilliant article. FYI – here is the piece I wrote about the subject a long while ago:

  3. L

    Again a great read and I’m so looking forward to next months magazine especially since it will have articles of Queen Isabella, 🤩

  4. N

    Hello everyone, I’ve just joined and read the super article by Gareth Russell on Anne’s date of birth. I do enjoy his writing very much. As to the date, I’ve agonised over this myself for a very long time before settling on c1500. As you know, when Anne was in France – and I would put her at 14-15 years old when she went to Paris – she came into contact, not only with Queen Claude, but also with Marguerite d’Angouleme, the sister of King Francois 1st. When she became queen, Anne appears to have been influenced by Marguerite’s evangelical views, (although Marguerite did not voice them publicly) and we know that they stayed in contact, forming some sort of friendship. I wonder, therefore, if it would be likely that a girl born c1507 would have a) been influenced by Marguerite and b) formed any sort of friendship with a much older woman? After all, Marguerite was 23 in 1515, and if Anne was 8, it does seem odd. Just a thought…

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May 2019 – Tudor Life – The Boleyns