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Mary Tudor, Queen of France Quiz

Test your knowledge on Mary Tudor, Queen of France and sister of King Henry VIII in this fun quiz.

Good luck!

Once you've finished, you can find out more about her in a Claire Chats video - click here.

Mary Tudor, Queen of France

Q1) Mary Tudor was Henry VII and Elizabeth of York's fifth child - true or false



Q2) Mary was born on 18 March, but in which year?





Q3) Mary's motto was....

Humble and reverent

To my life

Lowly but chosen

The will of God is sufficient for me

Q4) Who did Mary become betrothed to in 1507?

Philip the Handsome

Louis XII

Charles of Castile

Maximilian I

Q5) In October 1514, at the age of eighteen, Mary married ......

Louis XII

Manuel I

Francis I

Charles VIII

Q6) Following Louis XII's death in January 1515, Mary was kept in seclusion at .....

Chateau Amboise

Chateau Blois

The Hotel de Cluny

The Louvre

Q7) Who did Mary secretly marry in February/March 1515?

Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk

Robert Dudley, Earl of Essex

Francis Bryan

Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk

Q8) Henry VIII was furious at them for marrying without his permission. How much was the fine he ordered them to pay?





Q9) How many children did Mary have by Charles Brandon?





Q10) How was Lady Jane Grey related to Mary?

She was her granddaughter

She was her great-granddaughter

She was her niece

She was her stepdaughter

Q11) In which year did Mary die?





Q12) What is thought to be the age difference between Charles Brandon and Mary?

About 20 years

About 12 years

About 17 years

About 25 years.

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  1. M

    Thank you for this quiz, Claire. Mary Tudor slides a bit under the radar, but her story is compelling.

  2. A

    Enjoyed the quiz about Mary Tudor Brandon! Thank you!

  3. L

    It’s been a while since I logged in to The Tudor Society, but I just found out that I am related to both Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon. Quite a surprise. Are there any books on either that I can bone up on? Many thanks. Great quiz too.

    1. C - Post Author

      Steven Gunn’s book on Charles Brandon is excellent, although it is based on his PhD thesis and so is very academic in style. Sarah Bryson has one coming out soon too.
      For Mary Tudor, there’s David Loades’ “Mary Rose” and Maria Perry’s “The Sisters of Henry VIII”. Erin Sadlack’s “The French Queen’s Letters: Mary Tudor Brandon and the Politics of Marriage in Sixteenth-Century Europe” is also excellent.

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Mary Tudor, Queen of France Quiz