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Mary Howard Quiz

This week's Sunday fun is a quiz on a Tudor lady: Mary Howard, cousin of Queens Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard. Enjoy getting those little grey cells working with these ten questions - good luck!

Mary Howard Quiz

Q1) This person was completely against the marriage of Mary Howard to Henry Fitzroy. Who was it?

Anne Boleyn

Elizabeth Stafford

Bess Holland

Henry Howard

Q2) True or false: When King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn went to Calais in 1532, they brought with them Mary Howard, Henry Fitzroy and Henry Surrey. When the King and Queen returned to England, Mary and her brother Henry Howard stayed behind



Q3) After their stay in France, Henry Fitzroy and Henry Howard returned to England. How long after their return in August 1533 was it before Mary Howard and Henry Fitzroy married?

2 weeks

1 month

3 months

6 months

Q4) Of the following men connected to Mary Howard (one way or another) which two were not executed?

Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

Thomas Seymour

Q5) True or false: Mary served in the household of her cousin Queen Katherine Howard?



Q6) True or false: When Mary's brother, the Earl of Surrey suggested that she become mistress to the King, Mary said she would rather poke out her eye than go along with his plan.



Q7) After the execution of her brother, Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, Mary did the following:

Married again

Raised Surrey's children

Gave birth to a daughter

Moved to France

Q8) What position in the household of Queen Anne of Cleves did Mary Howard have?

Maid of honour

Mistress of the Robes

Chief Gentlewoman of the Bedchamber

None of the above

Q9) Mary helped this lady keep secret her love affair with Lord Thomas Howard, Mary's uncle.

Anne Bassett

Madge Shelton

Margaret Douglas

Lucy Somerset

Q10) Which of these women contributed to the Devonshire Manuscript?

Mary Howard

Mary Shelton

Margaret Douglas

All of the above

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  1. R

    While Thomas Howard Duke no 3 wasn’t executed as Henry died the night before, the Second Duke wasn’t executed either, but died of natural causes in 1524.

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you for spotting that, I think Rebecca must have meant “two men” so I have updated the question. Thanks!

      1. R

        You are welcome.

  2. R

    You are welcome.

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