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Live chat tomorrow – 29 March – with novelist Wendy J Dunn

As you will already know, historical novelist Wendy J Dunn is our March expert speaker. Wendy's talk is on "The Journey of Writing Historical Fiction" and you can catch her talk at if you haven't had chance to view it yet.

Wendy will be joining us in the chatroom tomorrow, Friday 29th March, to answer your questions on writing historical fiction. One lucky participant will win one of Wendy's novels. I know there are lots of you who are working on novels, or who want to do so in the future, so now's your chance to "grill" a novelist. Wendy is also a playwright and poet, and she teaches writing, so a real expert to help us.

Here are the times in the different time zones:

  • London, UK - Friday 29th March at 11pm
  • Madrid, Spain - Saturday 30th March at 12am
  • New York, USA - Friday 29th March at 7pm
  • Los Angeles, USA - Friday 29th March at 4pm
  • Sydney, Australia - Saturday 30th March at 10am
  • Adelaide, Australia - Saturday 30th March at 9.30am

The chat will take place in the Tudor Society chatroom at

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  1. R

    I have only read two of Wendy’s novels, the original Dear Heart, How Like You This and I have many questions on that, but also really enjoyed the one about little Katherine Carey, going to Court at a tender age to seek entrance into the service of Queen Anne Boleyn “The Light of the Labyrinth” oh I enjoyed The Fall of the Pomegranate, a novel about Katherine of Aragon. I look forward to finding more about your career and research, Wendy tomorrow.


  2. M

    The expert chat was interesting and fun! I am hoping to be there tomorrow night. Thanks! Michelle t

  3. E

    I’ll be there but a little late. Looking forward to it.

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Live chat tomorrow – 29 March – with novelist Wendy J Dunn