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Lady Jane Grey or Queen Jane Quiz

As tomorrow is the anniversary of the execution of Queen Jane, or Lady Jane Grey as she's more commonly known,
we thought we'd mark the occasion by making Jane the subject of our Sunday quiz.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let's begin. Good luck!

Lady Jane Grey

Q1) On 10th July 1553, Lady Jane Grey was received into the Tower - who carried her train?

Catherine Grey

Katherine Tilney

Frances Grey

Elizabeth Tilney

Q2) True or false: Jane was Queen of England for nine days?



Q3) In the initial version of Edward VI's "Devise for the Succession", he listed all of the following except:

Male heirs of Frances Grey

Male heirs of Elizabeth Grey

Male heirs of Catherine Grey

Male heirs of Mary Grey

Q4) Jane married one of the Dudley brothers in 1553, who was he?





Q5) This man purchased the wardship of Jane in 1548, who was he?

John Dudley

Edward Seymour

Thomas Grey

Thomas Seymour

Q6) It was during the first Protestant funeral held in English that Jane acted as chief mourner - whose funeral was it?

Edward VI's

Mary Tudor, Queen of France's

Catherine Parr's

Catherine Brandon's

Q7) While in the Tower of London Jane could see that the tide was beginning to turn in favour of Mary, so she demanded her council stay at the Tower of London with her and she locked it. Who held the keys to the locked Tower?

John Dudley

Henry Grey


Guildford Dudley

Q8) The Duke of Northumberland sent this person to bring Mary Tudor to London prior to Edward VI's death, who was it?

William Parr

Robert Dudley

Nicholas Throckmorton

Thomas Wyatt the Younger

Q9) Thomas Seymour had planned for Jane to marry which of the following men?


His nephew, Edward Seymour

Edward VI

Edward Courtenay

Q10) True or false: Kett's Rebellion led to the execution of Lady Jane Grey?



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Lady Jane Grey or Queen Jane Quiz