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July 13 – John Dee

A portrait of John Dee by an unknown artistOn this day in Tudor history, 13th July 1527, John Dee, the astrologer, mathematician, alchemist, antiquary, spy, philosopher, geographer and adviser to Elizabeth I and influential statesmen, was born in London.

He had an incredible career which included:

  • Working under the patronage of the Earl of Pembroke, Duke of Northumberland and the Grey family.
  • Tutoring Robert Dudley and Edward VI.
  • Drawing up an electional chart to determine the most auspicious date for Elizabeth I's coronation.
  • Undertaking secret missions for Elizabeth and Lord Burghley.
  • Writing and presenting a mathematical and astronomical work to the queen.
  • Being consulted by famous explorers and navigators.
  • And working with Edward Kelley and communicating with angels.

Dee was one of the most learned men of the Elizabethan age.

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Image: A portrait of John Dee by an unknown artist.

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July 13 – John Dee