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Information Circulation and Queen Elizabeth I – a documentary

As you probably know, Emma and Merel have been working at the Tudor Society over the past four months as interns as part of their degree, but what you won't know is that as part of their final year studies, they had to produce a documentary. We're so pleased that it's Tudor history themed! Congratulations to them both on such a wonderful production.

Here it is...

In the documentary "Information Circulation and Queen Elizabeth I", Merel and Emma take the viewer on a journey. Along the way they find out how information was being spread through the Elizabethan era and how Queen Elizabeth and her government coped with this. The trip takes them to an old printing press, a Shakespeare theatre and much more. Find out how Elizabeth censored 16th century ballads and what the dangers were of being a writer or playwright.

This documentary was filmed in The Netherlands.

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  1. P

    Congratulations to Merel and Emma for this wonderful documentary

  2. L

    Very interesting and well-done!!

  3. C

    Well done Merel and Emma! You did a great job!

  4. A

    Congratulations dear Merel and Emma for making such a great documentary (during Covid)! My compliments.

  5. M

    Thank you! Very interesting. I learned a lot.

    Can someone please send (post) the link to the Facebook group? If its too late I understand.

    Michelle t

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Information Circulation and Queen Elizabeth I – a documentary